Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Assoc. of Virginia

Local Queens

This page will be for those who will want to buy and raise thier own local queens for sale. And queens that are well suited to this area. We will offer a variety of different queens for the 2012 year.We will be offering all local queens from different blood lines here are some of the lines that will be offered have different back gounds and are open mated with feral bees and bees that have made it thru the winter on less food and a small cluster. These will be dark bees and some light but not much all our bees have a carniolan back ground and are the bone of our breeding program here are some of the bee that are in our breeding stock.





Minn Hygenics

These will be of different crosses but they will be more suited for this area and will need less feeding. They will be very gentle and good honey producers and will show some mite resitance for none of them has been treated in the last four years. These are southern raised and southern bred and they have shown that they cluster in smaller groups and back fill the brood chamber with lots of honey. They also winter good in single deeps but i also keep a full super on them just to be on the safe side they may need some feeding but not much.